About us

red light district
WhipTech was born from a demand for products that fits the need of any off road enthusiast.  At WhipTech we are avid duners, spending a lot of time playing in the sand.  It all started one night sitting around the campfire talking about the days rides and giving our buddy a hard time because he crashed on the smallest dune in the desert, one story rolls into the next story and that turns into someone making a comment “It would be cool if…”.  At WhipTech we listened and responded by saying “you know what, I know we can make it”.  Now guided by a thought we embarked on the journey of making this a reality.  After several failed attempts we landed on a fully integrated remote controlled multicolor LED whip with no heat shrink, external control boxes, or wires.  One of the driving factors in design is that we made a product that looks as good as it works. Sure we could have taken some LED strips and heat shrink around a fiberglass rod and called “BITCHEN” but that is not how its done.  These whips are mounted to your car and 75% of the time the whips are not on!  Why have a $30,000 UTV and put on whips that look like 10 dollar Chinese specials.

As the story goes we put a couple on our cars, and friends in our group, then people started noticing and asking where we bought it from. Our response was always “we didn’t buy it, we made it”. This was typically followed up with “well than can you make me one”.  It was at that point that we knew we had something.  So began the journey of bringing the multicolor led whip to market so every one can have choices and not be stuck with one static color like other companies offer. Just simply pull the Multicolor LED whip out of your trailer screw into the WhipTech car mount on your car and you are off ripping up the sand ,desert, and trail in no time.